5+ Benefits of Bio-metric Access Control System For Your Business

Bio metric Access Control System

The tools for recording working hours have undergone a 180º turn after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

The increase in remote working has awakened the need to adapt and renew the transfer methods due to the decentralization of work. It brings a bio-metric access control system available from anywhere and anytime.

Luckily, thanks to the use of time control technology and its integration with innovative methods such as attendance control by fingerprint, recording the working hours of all employees is possible even without having to go to the office physically.

What Is A Bio-metric Access Control System?

The bio-metric access control system enables the authentication and recording of employee working hours by registering some unique characteristics of human beings.

This system is mainly divided into two parts: a technological device capable of reading some of the unique characteristics of everyone and another part of the software. They both communicate with each other to check if it is an authorized person signing in, as well as record the time of entry and exit.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is no longer necessary for the device, more popularly known as a clocking machine, to be in the same workplace. Now, time attendance software puts all the effort into each employee’s bio metric access. 

Types Of Bio-metric Access Control System

Several bio-metric access control systems are handy when registering employees’ working hours or giving access to the office entrance turnstiles, for example.

Time attendance control by fingerprint

The fingerprint bio-metric access control systems are undoubtedly the most widely used in the business world. It is widespread to see the typical access turnstiles in office buildings that work with fingerprints and ticketing machines that allow entry control by fingerprint.

This bio-metric recognition system is ideal for several reasons. As unbelievable as it may seem, every human has a unique fingerprint worldwide, which ensures a person’s unique, valid, and legal identification.

The best of all this is that current smartphones include a fingerprint reader, which means with the best time attendance software, it is possible to clock in remotely using a mobile application, which can be really useful when registering the mandatory working hours established in India.

Iris recognition access control

Another of the most well-known bio metric access control methods is the recognition of the iris of the employees’ eyes. It is also a unique feature that can be used as an identification method and is used, above all, as a bio-metric recognition system in very high-security facilities.

Bio-metric recognition by handwritten signature

The digital or electronic signature has become one of the most used methods in the world of work to legally and unmistakably identify people. The digital signing of documents and contracts is already very common in HR departments and companies.

As far as bio-metric recognition is concerned, many of the current digital signature devices are capable of recognizing the information of the points that make up a signature, the acceleration or speed of writing, the position of the touch pen, or even the pressure that is exerted.

In this way, a person’s signature becomes a unique feature that makes it possible to link a person’s signature with their identity in an undeniable way, which could even be used as legal evidence.

Facial recognition in bio-metric access control

Facial recognition in bio metric access control systems has become popular in recent years, thanks to the incorporation of this system in many smartphones available on the market.

Systems that use this type of bio metric authentication can create templates of a person’s face based on some key points, which, combined, form unique data sets that allow people to be identified. A camera captures the image of the employee’s face and compares it with its database of authorized persons, thus differentiating the people who can or cannot enter a room, for example.

Benefits Of Bio metric Access Control System

Bio-metric access control system has become one of the most widely used methods for registering mandatory working hours, providing many benefits to companies and employees.


The use of bio metric access employee control systems has become widespread due to the high security they provide, since despite what it may seem, there are no two same fingerprints or iris in the world, nor is there a way to falsify their use.

Legislation shift management software

The same is true of other bio-metric authentication methods: they are highly secure, thus preventing fraud and unauthorized access in a simple way.

Low maintenance cost

Now, bio-metric signing devices have become much cheaper, especially considering that you can even use a smartphone to register for working hours. However, the cost of maintaining these systems is very low, so after the initial outlay, they are all advantages.

Absolute time control

HR departments have been able to circumvent the obligation to record working hours thanks to bio-metric time control. The information collected by bio-metric devices makes it possible to have complete control over the entry and exit times of the employees and know the performance or delays of each employee. Also, a business gets accurate overtime data and facilitates.


Bio-metric access control systems are straightforward to use for all parties. The device part is now set, and if no changes are needed, there is no need to touch it again. As in the case of NYGGS HR software, the software part has a very intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard for anyone with basic computer knowledge.

Advanced features like statistics or performance are just a click away, which is very useful for HR departments.

Employee self-management

Employees also benefit from this time control system since they can forget about insecure passwords or tedious access cards forever. In addition, the employee can self-manage their work shifts and vacations or check how many extra hours they have accumulated without asking their manager or the HR department.


In remote work or outdoor duty, employees can clock in from anywhere using their mobile devices, giving them great flexibility.


Bio-metric access control system is an excellent advantage for HR departments since they have reliable information, leaving behind other methods that convey little confidence, such as spreadsheets or handwritten manual signing.

If you are looking for a bio-metric access control system in India, I need to mention NYGGS attendance software here. NYGGS attendance software solution automates the process of attendance and tracking by providing definitive time and location stamps when marking attendance, eliminating any uncertainty in attendance calculations. Furthermore, it ensures that your field employees arrive on time for meetings or deliveries, making your customers more satisfied.

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