Are Women’s Safety Glasses Really Different from Men’s?


Obviously, women’s safety glasses are different from men’s eyeglasses regarding colors and frame size. Although, many eyewear manufacturers produce safety glasses in unisex frame style. But there could be some differences between male and female styles because the gender factor is the key consideration. Surely, women want to get a feminine look and a male masculine look. But good fitting is the main consideration while buying safety glasses. There is three basic difference between men’s and women’s eyeglasses.

Frame Size Main Difference in Women’s Safety Eyewear:

For prescription and non-prescription women’s eyeglasses, size is the main thing. Thus men’s protective eyewear has a larger size than women’s specs. Even several eyewear brands also produce safety glasses in unisex sizes including small, large, and medium skull sizes.

While narrowing down the entire frame style options, size is the key consideration. Good fit eyeglasses mean perfect size, and this is the starting point to choose frame style. Even when you choose an online store for eyewear shopping, measurements of a frame can give you a clear idea of whether the available safety pair is suitable for your head or not.

Dimension of Women Eyewear Frame Design:

For frame size dimensions, fitting is a critical factor. Both men and women wear frames in different sizes from small to large sizes. But men particularly wear larger size frames than women’s eyeglasses. Or even some have sizes out of the shape of common style, and they need customize frame size for a good fit.

Again, many safety specs are designed in unisex styles. Thus base curve line of eyewear and frame size are chief considerations to determine whether choosing women’s safety glasses can deliver a good fit or not. Besides, wearers use prescription lenses, they need to close attention to eye size or the exact measurements of PD.

Material and Range of Colors for Women Eyeglasses:

However, men’s eyewear is designed with neutral shades of both metal and plastic. While crafting of style for women also stands for same color choices. Besides, designer frames’ features could be bold, bright, or solid colors. Furthermore, they are also available in different patterns with more than two colors contrasts.

Women’s safety glasses are created particularly for functional comfort and safety as compared to style. There are several numbers of eyewear brands that started to produce specs for impact sports. They also related to safety glasses with the same safety line for other industries and occupation settings. Besides, they are too stylish than basic protective eyeglasses.

How Pick Right Size Women’s Prescription Safety Glasses?

All kinds of eyewear frames for men and women come in unisex style, and all of them come in small, medium, or large sizes. Men’s frame size will be larger than women’s eyewear frame. Therefore, measurements of the base curve and dimension of eyewear frame size should be most relevant to the right fit. Besides, they should have the highest level of protection as expected.

Regarding fitting, safety eyewear should fit very close to the face. It is essential to choose the appropriate size and shape of the frame. According to a work environment, you need to pick the best eyes safety. Besides, better to choose a lightweight frame that can wear comfortably for long hours’ duty.


So, many eyewear manufacturers are selling unisex eyeglasses. But most have frames that show genders by size and style. Keep remembering that men’s frames are oversize than women’s. And unisex frames have average sizes.

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