Is the Digital Age to Blame for Online Shopping Addiction?

Shopping is evolving pretty fast, and in the last 20 years, there has been an increase in growth due to the internet. Online shopping is changing how people make their purchases. The convenience, fun, and low cost of commodities are the major contributors. Today, you only need to tap a few screen buttons on your device, and your goods will be at your doorstep at no time. As online shopping gets easier each day, everyday shoppers are more exposed to online shopping addiction than before. But, what is the connection between the prevalence of the internet and online shopping addiction?

What is Online Shopping Addiction?

Online shopping addiction is also known as compulsive shopping or Oniomania. It is the desire to shop for items that you do not necessarily need to satisfy an urge. Some of these urges are depression and anxiety. It is a serious behavioral condition that may lead to major life issues if not curbed early. Somehow, it is the most socially acceptable form of addiction.

The Rising Trend in Online Shopping

Online shopping started showing momentum in 1995. Ever since, there has been a lot of mobile apps and services that aid in online shopping. This has aided in its growth, as many people prefer shopping online. The sales in online shopping are rising rapidly. In 2015, their net was over $294 billion, and by the end of last year, 2021, the projection was reading $485 billion. With such an increase, people should be aware of the risks surrounding online shopping.

The Growth of Mobile Shopping

In the past years, you would have to access a laptop or a desktop computer to buy online. Things are changing pretty fast, and today you can easily do the same using your mobile phone. There are apps and websites that are specifically for online shopping, and they are also available in mobile versions. Regardless of where you are, online shopping is now easier and more accessible anytime, provided you have the money and payment method all set.

How do you know you Have Online Shopping Addiction?

  • Buying items you do not necessarily need
  • Getting upset if you cannot shop online
  • Doing online shopping when anxious, depressed, or upset
  • Feeling regrets after online shopping
  • You are only happy when doing online shopping
  • Thinking about online shopping all the time
  • Feeling like you cannot stop even if you want to

What is the Next Step to Consider?

Like any other addiction, there are alternative ways you can deal with whatever the underlying issues are that are making you shop all the time. You can do this by yourself, or you can seek the help of a therapist or counselor. You can also undergo shopping addiction treatment in New Jersey to help reduce the harm and get the behavior under control. You can start by developing a spending plan.

There may be no proper research about compulsive shopping, but it responds well to different treatment plans. For example, financial counseling, self-help groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications, and self-help books seem to work well.

Online shopping addiction can be a nuisance and distressing like any other addiction. But, there is always hope if you have the right support system to help you manage your spending routines. Watch out for the signs for when it is time to get help.

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