What is Smoked Sea Salt and Where to Buy It

Smoked Sea Salt

In the kitchen, salt is quite vital. Even table salt, which is extracted from rock produced by ancient bodies of water that no longer exist, is technically sea salt. Even so, not all salts are created equal, and they should not be utilized in the same way. The flavor of smoked salt is determined by the type of wood used during the slow smoking process. If your smoked salt were cooked over hickory wood, for example, it would taste like hickory. The ideal use of smoked salt is to season meats and heartier veggies like potatoes.

They’re a fantastic chemical-free alternative to liquid smoke and smoked salt. They let you get that smokey, wonderful flavor in your dishes without having to worry about contaminants in the components. Smoked sea salt has two distinct advantages. It’s sometimes used with herbs and spices to make a rub. Furthermore, it is a healthier and more realistic option compared to refined table salt. Like everything else at Oregano Spices, Smoked sea salt is made entirely of natural ingredients. So in this article, you are going to know about smoked sea salt, its types, and where to buy smoked salt

Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked sea salt flakes infused with smoke from actual, untreated wood are known as smoked salts. Neither artificial flavors or colors are used in this recipe. For up to two weeks, the salt is smoked with bark-free woods. The wood gives its flavor character to the salt during this period, ranging from mild to robust to sweet.

Smoked salt is ideal for boosting the saltiness of a dish while also adding the smokiness of burnt wood and the distinct flavors of various types of wood.

Type of smoked Sea Salt

Smoked Alderwood Salt

Salt has been slowly smoked over red Alderwood, the North American Indians’ primary smoking wood. It’s as tough as it is adaptable, making it the ideal method to organically impart a lovely smoked flavor to various meals. Year-round, even without the grill, add a deep, naturally smokey flavor to your foods. Alderwood smoked salt 100 percent pure sea salt is smoked over red Alderwood from the Pacific Northwest, giving pork, poultry, fish, and veggies a rich, barbeque-worthy taste.

Smoke Mesquite Salt

Salt has been organically cold-smoked with mesquite wood, giving it a unique sweet flavor direct from Texas. Perfect for grilled red meats, poultry, and pretty about anything else.

Smoked Hickory Salt

Salt that has been cold-smoked with hickory wood imparts a sweet and savory flavor and a strong, smokey flavor. Hickory smoked sea salt is slowly smoked, giving it a distinct smoky taste. Try it in rubs, chilis, and stews, as well as on burgers, chicken, and ribs, or make your own Kansas City-style barbeque sauce blend. This flavor is synonymous with Southern American cookery, and it’s great on ribs, burgers, red meat, hog, turkey, and maple syrup.

Smoked Chardonnay Oak Salt

Salt has been cold-smoked in tiny batches over chipped bits of antique oak barrels used to mature French chardonnay. It has a subtle smoky flavor with a savory taste of wine, making it more delicate than other types. Excellent with seafood and in light sauces and soups.

Smoked Applewood Salt

Smoked Applewood Salt is a salt that has been cold-smoked with sweet applewood, giving it a delectable sweet, fruity, and woody flavor. This is the most delicate of all the smoked salts. Applewood smoked sea salt is prepared from pure sea salt that has been carefully smoked over an applewood fire to provide a deep smokey taste. There is no artificial coloring or flavor. On and off the grill, applewood smoked sea salt imparts a delightful smoky flavor to dishes. Kosher Sea salt smoked over an applewood fire is 100 percent natural, vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher.

Extra Bold Smoke Salt

Salt that has been organically smoked for two weeks with a combination of seven carefully chosen woods to provide a meaty smokehouse flavor. It has a deep and tempting powerful, rough flavor. Marinades, sauces, stews, chili, and soups are good options. For a “just-grilled” flavor, sprinkle on top of the chicken, tuna, salmon, or steak.

Where to Buy Smoked Sea Salt

If you want to buy smoked sea salt, Viva Doria is perfect for Smoked sea salt. Every component they obtain is 100 percent pure, and every ecologically friendly product is made right here in their Redmond, Washington manufacturing plant. As they grow, you may expect significant changes in the range of natural nutrition, oral care, personal care, and supplement goods they provide. They’re happy to say, though, that when it comes to sticking to their three essential beliefs, nothing will alter.

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