Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Maintain Industrial Cables

industrial cables

The first and the most important thing to know about industrial cabling is that it’s not like other cables and wires. These are different in all aspects like the purpose they are built for, their durability, etc. As compared to the wires and cables you see at your home, industrial cables require more care and maintenance. These are often exposed to a tough environment with extreme temperature, harsh chemicals, etc and therefore are likely to get damaged quickly.

As a business owner, your job is to ensure that you learn about industrial cable maintenance tips and follow them. Make sure you are doing everything right and on time so that your cables can last longer. Once you have installed the cables around your workplace, do not expect them to work uninterrupted for years if you don’t maintain them. The longevity of your cables will depend on your maintenance.

Effective cable management will not only prevent the cables from getting damaged but will boost your business in the long run. Here we have a comprehensive guide on how to maintain industrial cables for you. From buying fiber optic cleaning products to maintenance techniques, find everything you need to know here.

The first step to maintenance starts even before the cables are installed. Always make sure that you are buying high-quality cables from a trusted seller. Do not run after cheap industrial cables as it won’t be saving you any money. If you install cheap wires, they are likely to get damaged quickly even if you do everything to maintain them. So in replacing and fixing them, you will be spending rather more money.

High-quality cables may be relatively expensive but will be a long-term investment for you. You won’t have to keep replacing them as with proper care they will work for years. Besides, it will save your time and money. Using high-quality cables also ensures the work isn’t interrupted due to cables again and again. Take your time in choosing the cable seller. List your options first and then pick according to your needs.

  • Avoid bending, crushing, and stepping over the cables

Bending or crushing the cables might not instantly break them but can reduce your industrial cable’s life over time. So, if you see a bunch of cables bundled up at the corner, try not to keep them that way. Find a proper place for every cable, the ones that are being used and the ones that aren’t. No matter how good your industrial cables are, they cannot withstand people stepping over them all the time.

After the installation is complete, keep your cables safely in one place. The more harmful impacts your cables experience, the higher are chances of them getting damaged beyond repair. Seeking professional help when getting the cables installed will also help you avoid bending and crushing of cables. You can have them fixed in areas where they won’t be getting stepped on as well.

  • Educate the team about cable maintenance

For the durability of your cables and the safety of your employees, you must educate the team about cable management. Conduct training for your staff and tell them about the common industrial cabling challenges, how to avoid them, what mistakes they might be making, etc. By allowing your whole staff to focus on cable management, you reduce the chances of any damage.

In case, you overlook the importance of educating your team about cable maintenance, your effort to increase your industrial cable’s efficiency will go in vain. You alone cannot ensure complete maintenance of the cables. Every staff member will have to play their part, but first, you must make them aware of the maintenance process.

  • Read the industrial cabling manual carefully

The cables you are planning on getting installed come with an instruction manual. Do not just throw it away and have the cables fixed. After the cables arrive at your location, read the manual carefully for the instructions. It includes crucial information about the cables like the environment they are suited for, how much temperature they can withstand, and more.

You cannot exceed the given temperature limit for the particular cable type you are using. It will only lead to cable damage and could cause safety concerns too. So, before you choose industrial cables for your workplace, carry a research on the type that is ideal for the environment you have. The instruction manual might have specific care guidelines too that you must check and strictly follow.

  • Conduct regular cable and wire inspection

You don’t necessarily have to check or replace the cables only when it stops working. In any industrial setup, most often than not, your cables might be getting damaged slowly. Therefore, to avoid having to replace the non-working cables suddenly, conduct frequent follow-ups. By regularly checking if or not the cables are working, you ensure the work is uninterrupted and you could even prevent some major cable fault.

There are expert technicians you can seek assistance for the same. You can schedule 2 or at least 1 visit every two months for them. This way you will also have the peace of mind that your cables are working smoothly. Identifying and coming up with a cable damage prevention plan in advance is cost-effective as well.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Industrial Cables

Now that you know how to maintain your cables, allow us to briefly educate you on the common cable buying mistakes. Check these and buy the right cables for your industry.

  1. Take your time and only buy the cables that are right for your needs. Don’t forget to consider what you need at your workplace, seek expert assistance and then finalize the cables.

  2. Once you know what you want, don’t make the mistake of choosing the first cable provider you find. Don’t stop looking until you find a store with high-quality cables.

  3. Many business owners run after cheap cables. This is a mistake you shouldn’t make. Have a budget flexible enough that you can pay a little more for good-quality cables.


This blog will not only ease the industrial cable buying process for you but also teach you how to maintain these cables. In case, you are looking to buy new cables or get fiber optic cleaning products, etc now visit DINTEK. Here you can get everything you need for industrial cable maintenance and more.

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